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First the right accessory makes your look perfect! - Find your matching scarf!

Scarves from LORENZO CANA - suitable for every occasion

Nothing completes your look as skilfully as a high-quality scarf. At LORENZO CANA you buy the finest textiles made of silk, cashmere or alpaca in noble and unusual colours and patterns. From stripes over animal print to paisley - variety is guaranteed with our hand-woven patterns.

The color variety of LORENZO CANA women's scarves

Red, blue, purple, pink, turquoise... The colour variety of LORENZO CANA knows almost no limits.

Top colors for brown-haired women

Red: Red looks great on most women with brown hair. Throw the scarf in fiery red, bordeux or berry red loosely around your shoulders and attract all eyes! Black: Black is also suitable for brunette women. Here the contrast of the dark fabric is less hard than in blond women. This color makes her look particularly young as a brown-haired woman.

Top scarf colors for blonde women

White: White looks beautiful on blondes. Make sure you choose a clear white for tanned skin. If the hat is paler, you should buy a scarf in cream. Pink: A saturated pink to pink makes you look nice and fresh. Pretty and harmonious looks pink combined with white. Blue: Another color that makes blondes shine. Light Blue Scarves With Tender Green Tint look fantastic on light-skinned blondes. Dark and saturated blues are particularly popular with women with dark blond hair and a darker complexion.

The best scarves for redheaded women

Gold: Enjoy! As a redhead you can wear gold wonderfully, your copper-coloured hair will harmonize wonderfully with it. Blue: Through the contrast to your hair color, a blue scarf will make you look particularly young. Green: Similar to blue, redheads are also green. A green scarf with red hair looks noble and graceful especially in autumn.

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