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Scarves & Shawls

Precious Mens scarves and shawls from LORENZO CANA

How to wear your mens scarf with style

Wrap around your neck: With this technique, as the name suggests, you simply wrap the scarf loosely around your neck. Curtain technique:At this point, simply put the scarf around your neck and let the two ends hang loosely forward. Overhand technique:If you want to tie your men's scarf using the overhand technique, put the scarf around your neck. One of the forward hanging ends is longer than the other. Then place the longer end over the shorter one and pull it underneath to make a knot. The reversed curtain: As the name suggests, the two ends of the scarf hang backwards over the back. To ensure the hold of the scarf, one end of the scarf is completely wrapped around the neck once. Elegant knotted. If you want to wear your men's scarf elegantly knotted, put it in a loop first. Now that you have put it around your neck, pull the ends of the scarf through the loop. Double wound: It is exactly what the name describes. The scarf is wrapped around the neck twice. The ends hang loosely forward on both sides.

Choose the right material for your men's scarf

What materials are available to you at LORENZO CANA?


Cashmere is one of the finest natural textiles. It is combed out in a small family business in Nepal from the fur of the cashmere goats. So it is butter soft and cuddly. It is also ideal for sensitive skin.


The wool of alpaca is characterized by an enormously good heat storage. At the same time, the heat dissipates to the outside in summer. The protein molecules naturally contained in this wool neutralize sweat odours. Of course, alpaca wool is also particularly soft and cuddly.


Silk scarves shine and thus form an optical highlight. Our silk is particularly light and soft flowing. This makes it easy to wear even on warmer days.

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