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Ties & Bow Ties

ties and flies by LORENZO CANA

Masculinity, authority, power, elegance and competence - much is associated with the tie. It is a stylish accessory that dresses a man in the best way, not only in the office or at business meetings.

How to choose the right tie

the tie length The lower end of the tie should be a few centimetres above the waistband. Be sure to choose an extra long tie if you are taller than average.

The material of the tie

The material of the tie is a selection criterion not to be underestimated. At LORENZO CANA you will find ties made of pure, finest silk. It is important to choose a very high quality material to guarantee the wearing comfort and the elegant effect. The high-quality ties are also easier to tie.

The tie form

In general, the trend, especially in the business sector, is towards less wide ties. But be careful not to choose a tie that is too narrow if you have a strong build.

Colors and patterns

The enormous choice of colours and unusual patterns: that's what makes the ties from LORENZO CANA! Our tip: Put together a selection of ties from which you can always pick out the right one for the occasion and mood. In principle, you can always wear neutral colours such as black or white. Blue brings calm and stands for a cool mind. A green tie stands for innovative spirit and humanity. Turquoise makes the wearer appear young and fresh. Red symbolizes the strength and temperament of the tie wearer. Purple is often associated with dignity and spirituality. The orange tie shows its constructive and rousing side. The sun colour yellow stands for joy and optimism. Brown appears traditional and approachable.

Buy your tie or bow tie directly from LORENZO CANA!

LORENZO CANA distributes the ties and bow ties of the premium label directly. That means you buy without middlemen and profit from fair prices!

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